• Seven Pillars of Digital Curation
    This post appeared in slightly different form in the Connecticut Digital Archive blog on February 2, 2013.  People new to digital archives (and more often funding stakeholders, and certain IT managers) often ask about the difference between preservation and backup. … Continue reading → […]

Archives and Information Associates (AIA) is a consulting group that offers services in traditional archival practices as well digital endeavors, great and small. Primarily working with archives, libraries, museums and other cultural heritage institutions, AIA consultants are open to working with anyone looking for assistance organizing, managing, and preserving information!

The many areas of expertise and interests AIA consultants possess include:

  • Archival needs assessment
  • Collection management system migration and implementation
  • Digital surrogate and collection creation
  • XML (including EAD, TEI, METS, and MODS) creation, conversion, and template design
  • Implementation planning for digital library services
  • Metadata cross-walking, mapping and conversion
  • Workflow design (processing, description, digitization, reference and access services)